Tantalum (Ta) Pellets Evaporation Materials

Tantalum pellets, also known as Tantalum sputter targets, are used primarily in the physical vapor deposition (PVD) process for thin film deposition.

  • Application: PVD thin film deposition
  • Material: W, Mo, Ta, Nb, Ti, Zr, Ni
  • Size: 3mm×3mm, 6mm×6mm, Can be customized
  • MOQ: 500g
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    99.95% Tantalum (Ta) Pellet

    Tantalum pellets are made from tantalum, a rare and dense metal with excellent corrosion resistance, high melting point, and biocompatibility. Tantalum can withstand exposure to acids, alkalis and corrosive gases without degradation and has a wide range of applications.

    We offer Tantalum pellets in sizes 3*3mm, and 6*6mm, and can also be customized to meet specific application requirements, including target size, purity level, and surface properties.

    Tantalum Pellet Information

    Product Name Tantalum (Ta) Pellet
    Purity 99.95%,99.99%
    Melting Point 3017 °C
    Pellets / Wires / Rods / Blocks etc.
    Size φ3×3mm, φ6×6mm, customized
    MOQ 500g
    Packaging Vacuum Sealed


    Tantalum pellets are used in a variety of industries and fields, including electronics, aerospace, medical, chemical processing, and defense. It is used in capacitor manufacturing, vacuum furnace components, chemical processing equipment, medical implants, and radiation shielding, among others.

    Packaging & Shipping

    Tantalum (Ta) evaporated particles are vacuum-sealed and shipped in environmentally friendly cartons or wooden boxes.

    More Products

    We also provide evaporation materials for tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, niobium, titanium, zirconium, nickel, copper, aluminum, etc. If you need it, please contact us through this email info@winnersmetals, or call +86 156 1977 8518 (WhatsApp) for more information.

    We provide evaporation sources and evaporation materials for PVD coating & Optical coating, these products include:

    Electron Beam Crucible Liners Tungsten Coil Heater Tungsten Cathode Filament
    Thermal Evaporation Crucible Evaporation Material Evaporation Boat

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