Electron Beam Tungsten Filaments

High-quality tungsten filament. For electron beam sources, we manufacture filaments for all popular electron beam systems, and can also provide OEM custom tungsten filaments, a variety of specifications are available, please contact us for details.

  • Application: Electron Beam Cathode (E-Beam Gun)
  • Material: Pure tungsten (W), Tungsten rhenium (WRe)
  • Wire Diameter: φ0.55-φ0.8mm, customizable
  • MOQ: One box (10 pieces)
  • Delivery Time: 10~12 days
  • Payment Method: T/T, PayPal, Alipay, WeChat Pay, etc
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    Product Detail

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    E-Beam Tungsten Filaments

    Tungsten is known for its excellent thermal stability and high melting point, making it an ideal material for electron beam filaments. Electron beam tungsten filaments can withstand the high temperatures generated during the vaporization process, ensuring reliable, continuous operation over long periods.

    Electron beam tungsten filaments are an essential component in vacuum deposition systems, they use the power of electron bombardment to evaporate target materials. This evaporation process creates a flow of atoms or molecules that enables the deposition of thin films with excellent uniformity, density, and purity.

    We manufacture tungsten filament for all popular electron beam systems and offer OEM custom tungsten filament (JEOL, Leybold, Telemark, Temescal, Thermionic, etc.).

    E-Beam Filaments Information

    Product Name

    E-Beam Tungsten Filaments (E-Beam Cathodes)


    Pure tungsten (W), Tungsten rhenium (WRe)

    Melting point

    3410 ℃



    Wire Diameter



    One box (10 pieces)

    Size and Shape

    We manufacture tungsten and some OEM filaments for popular electron beam systems, including:

    • JEOL  • Leybold  • Telemark  • Temescal  • Thermionic  • etc.

    We support customization of more specifications and shapes, please contact us if necessary.

    The packaging is usually one box (10 pieces), which is also the minimum MOQ.

    Electron Beam Tungsten Filament

    We provide evaporation sources and evaporation materials for PVD coating & Optical coating, these products include:

    Electron Beam Crucible Liners Tungsten Coil Heater Tungsten Cathode Filament
    Thermal Evaporation Crucible Evaporation Material Evaporation Boat

    Don't have the product you need? Please contact us, we will solve it for you.


    Electron beam tungsten filaments are used in a wide variety of industries and fields, including semiconductor manufacturing, optics, aerospace, and automotive. They are used to deposit thin films of metals, oxides, and other materials onto substrates for applications such as integrated circuits, optical coatings, solar cells, and decorative finishes.

    What is an electron gun?

    tungsten filaments1_副本

    An electron gun is a device used to generate and control a focused beam of electrons. It usually consists of a cathode, anode, and focusing element enclosed in a vacuum chamber. An electron gun uses an electric field to accelerate electrons fired from the cathode to the anode, creating a concentrated flow of electrons.

    Electron guns are used in a variety of applications in science, industry, and medicine. Common applications include electron microscopy, electron beam lithography, surface analysis, materials characterization, electron beam welding, and electron beam evaporation for thin film deposition.

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    Support FedEx, DHL, UPS, sea freight, and air freight, you can customize your transportation plan, and we will also provide cheap transportation methods for your reference.

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