Tantalum Screws

Tantalum screws are mainly used in corrosion-resistant, high-temperature-resistant industries. We provide standard tantalum screws and non-standard custom screws, as well as other tantalum machined parts, contact us for more information.

  • Material: R05200, R05400, R05252(Ta-2.5W), R05255(Ta-10W)
  • Type: Inner Hexagon, Outer Hexagon, Slot, Square Head, etc.
  • Thread Size: M3-M30, Can be customized
  • MOQ: 20 Pieces
  • Delivery Time: 12~14days
  • Payment Method: T/T, PayPal, Alipay, WeChat Pay, etc
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    Tantalum Screws

    Tantalum screws have excellent corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, etc., and are suitable for use in environments that are frequently exposed to moisture, chemicals, and temperature fluctuations. Therefore, they are often used in industries such as chemical industry, metallurgy, aerospace, and semiconductor manufacturing.

    Tantalum is also biocompatible and chemically inert, making it suitable for thermostats in medical devices, laboratory equipment, and other sensitive applications.

    Tantalum Screw Information

    Products Name Tantalum Screws, Tantalum Bolts
    Material R05200, R05400, R05252(Ta-2.5W), R05255(Ta-10W)
    Density 16.67g/cm³
    Type Inner Hexagon, Outer Hexagon, Slot, Square Head, etc.
    Thread Size M3-M30, Can be customized
    MOQ 20 Pieces

    Where Are Tantalum Screws Used?

    Tantalum screws are used in various applications, particularly in industries that demand corrosion resistance, biocompatibility, and high-temperature stability. Here are some common areas where tantalum screws find applications:

    • Medical Devices
    • Chemical Processing
    • Electronics and Semiconductor Manufacturing
    • Aerospace and Defense
    • Laboratory Equipment
    • Nuclear Industry
    • Energy Industry
    • Vacuum Furnaces

    More Tantalum Products

    We supply tantalum plate, tantalum foil, tantalum rod, tantalum wire, tantalum tube, tantalum capillary, tantalum standard parts (tantalum bolts, tantalum nuts, tantalum flanges, tantalum gaskets), tantalum non-standard parts (tantalum balls, tantalum boats, tantalum crucibles, tantalum particles), etc., which can be processed and customized according to customer drawings.

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