Pure Molybdenum (Mo) Wire

Molybdenum is used in many different industries due to its extremely high melting point, low thermal expansion and high thermal conductivity. According to the application, it is divided into spraying molybdenum wire, wire cutting molybdenum wire and molybdenum wire for electric light source.

Material: Pure Mo, MoLa, etc.

Standard: GB/T 4181-2017, ASTM F289-2009

Diameter: 0.08~3mm

MOQ: 1Kg

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Molybdenum (Mo) Wire

Molybdenum wire has the characteristics of high melting point, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high hardness, low thermal expansion coefficient and high thermal conductivity.

The diameter of the molybdenum wire is φ0.08-φ3.00mm. Adding elements such as lanthanum and yttrium to the molybdenum wire can further improve the performance of the molybdenum wire and expand its application range.

Molybdenum Wire Information

Products Name Molybdenum (Mo) Wire
Material Mo, MoLa, etc.
Standard GB/T 4181-2017, ASTM F289-2009
Purity 99.95%
Density 10.2g/cm³
Surface Black Wire, Bright Wire
Technology Process Forged, Drawn, Polished

Molybdenum Wire Application

Pure molybdenum Wire
Used for winding core wires, supports, lead wires, heating elements, molybdenum foil strips, wire cutting, auto parts spraying, etc.

Molybdenum Lanthanum Wire
It is used for wire-wound core wire glass seals, molybdenum foil strips, furnace heating materials, wire-cut high-temperature components, etc.

Molybdenum Yttrium Wire
Used for brackets, lead wires, tube reeds, grids, furnace heating materials, and high-temperature components.

Molybdenum wire for wire cutting
It is used for cutting processing of various non-ferrous metals, steel and magnetic materials. It has the characteristics of high strength, good discharge performance, high surface finish, fast cutting speed and long service life.

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