Copper Crucibles for E-Beam Sources

99.99% pure oxygen-free copper (Cu) crucible liners. For electron beam sources. We provide copper crucibles in 4cc, 7cc, 15cc, 25cc, 30cc, 40cc, and other sizes, please consult us for a quotation.

  • Application: E-Beam Evaporation, Lab use
  • Material: Tungsten, Molybdenum, Tantalum, Copper
  • Size: 4cc, 7cc, 15cc, 25cc, 30cc, 40cc, Can be customized
  • MOQ: 5 Pieces
  • Delivery Time: 10-15 days
  • Payment Method: T/T, PayPal, Alipay, WeChat Pay, etc
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    Product Detail

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    Copper Crucibles for E-Beam Sources


    Copper electron beam crucible liners are used in electron beam evaporation processes. Copper crucible liners are protective layers or inserts made of copper metal that are placed inside the crucible to enhance its performance and durability in high-temperature applications. Selecting the appropriate crucible liner size can maximize film deposition efficiency and reduce production costs.

    We offer copper electron beam crucible liners in 4cc, 7cc, 15cc, 25cc, 30cc, 40cc, 100cc and more specifications. Our copper crucibles are processed from high-purity forged copper rods, which feature high precision, high purity, no pollution, long life, high-temperature resistance, and excellent creep resistance and corrosion resistance.

    Copper Crucible Information

    Product Name

    Copper (Cu) Crucible





    Melting Point


    Production Process



    E-Beam Evaporation, Lab use


    4cc, 7cc, 15cc, 25cc, 30cc, 40cc, 100cc, Can be customized


    5 pieces

    Copper Crucible Dimensions

    Electron Beam Crucible Liners

    Drawing Description:
    1. When the product does not provide the drawing, it will be processed according to the drawing and the size of the table below by default.
    2. The edges and corners of the product are chamfered (C0.5~C1) by default, please explain if other sizes or R corners are used.
    3. Before the product is processed, if no drawings are provided, our company will provide free drawings for your confirmation.

    Pocket Volume

    Top Diameter(A) Height(B) Wall Thickness(C)  Angle(D)
    4cc 0.885 in (22.48mm) 0.595 in (15.11mm) 0.093 in (2.36mm) 15°
    7cc 1.167 in (29.64mm) 0.563 in (14.30mm) 0.093 in (2.36mm) 15°
    12cc 1.334 in (33.88mm) 0.768 in (19.51mm) 0.093 in (2.36mm) 15°
    15cc 1.48 in (37.59mm) 0.67 in (17.02mm) 0.125 in (3.18mm) 15°
    20cc 1.673 in (42.49mm) 0.768 in (19.51mm) 0.093 in (2.36mm) 15°
    25cc (4 Pocket) 1.85 in (46.99mm) 0.68 in (17.27mm) 0.125 in (3.18mm) 15°
    25cc (6 Pocket) 1.633 in (41.48mm) 0.94 in (23.88mm) 0.125 in (3.18mm) 15°
    30cc (with web) 1.92 in (48.77mm) 0.81 in (20.57mm) 0.093 in (2.36mm) 15°
    30cc (without web) 1.775 in (45.09mm) 0.94 in (23.88mm) 0.125 in (3.18mm) 15°
    40cc 2.03 in (51.56mm) 1.02 in (25.91mm) 0.125 in (3.18mm) 15°
    Allows customization of more sizes or production according to drawings to meet your needs.


    Copper electron beam crucibles are widely used in thin film deposition applications in various industries:

    • Semiconductor Manufacturing.
    • Optical Coatings.
    • Solar cell production.
    • Research and development.

    Our Advantages

    We provide you with higher-quality pure copper crucibles, our main advantages are as follows:

    ☑ Processed with high-purity copper rods to ensure purity.
    ☑ Professional manufacturing, higher product precision, and bright surface.
    ☑ Short delivery time and favorable price.
    ☑ Small minimum order quantity, support customization.

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