Product Introduction of Molybdenum Electron Beam Crucible

Molybdenum electron beam crucible product introduction

Molybdenum electron beam crucible

In electron beam coating technology, the molybdenum electron beam crucible has become the first choice for thin film deposition in high-temperature environments due to its excellent performance and reliable stability. Let’s explore the uniqueness of this technological masterpiece.

▶Product features

1. Super high-temperature resistance
Molybdenum electron beam crucibles are known for their excellent high-temperature stability. Under extreme process conditions, the crucible performs well and ensures stable film deposition.

2. Excellent thermal conductivity
The well-designed thermal conduction system ensures uniform temperature distribution in the crucible, thereby achieving more precise electron beam control. The improvement of thermal conductivity makes the crucible suitable for complex and changeable process requirements.

3. Highly pure molybdenum material
Made of high-purity molybdenum material, the molybdenum electron beam crucible ensures minimal impurities during the deposition process, strongly supporting the preparation of high-quality films.

4. Diverse specifications and shapes
In order to meet the needs of different equipment and processes, molybdenum electron beam crucibles are available in a variety of specifications and shapes such as 4cc/7cc/15cc/30cc to meet the unique requirements of various electron beam coating systems.

▶Application areas

☑ Semiconductor Manufacturing
Provide high-temperature, high-purity film deposition for semiconductor devices to improve integrated circuit and device performance.

☑ Optical coating
It plays an important role in the production of optical components and improves the transmittance and reflectivity of optical components.

☑ Materials Research
Provide reliable support for research in the fields of materials science and surface science and promote the continuous development of materials science.

☑ Environmentally friendly and sustainable
The molybdenum electron beam crucible adopts environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing processes, focusing on reducing adverse impacts on the environment. Products are designed with sustainability in mind, working to move the industry toward a greener future.

▶Our service commitment

✔Excellent quality
Strict quality control ensures that each molybdenum electron beam crucible has excellent performance.

✔ Personalized customization
Provide customized products and solutions according to customer's specific needs to meet different application requirements.

✔ Professional technical support
Our team will provide technical support and solutions at any time to ensure that users can take full advantage of the product.

When you choose a molybdenum electron beam crucible, you choose not only a product but also your trust in high-temperature thin film deposition technology. Let us join hands to create a new era of technological development!

Post time: Jan-24-2024