Good News for Chemistry Lovers–Tungsten Cube

If you are a lover of chemical elements, if you want to understand the essence of metal substances, if you are looking for a gift with texture, then you may wish to know about Tungsten Cube, It may be what you have been looking for...

What is Tungsten Cube?

Tungsten cube, also called tungsten block, tungsten brick, etc. Tungsten cubes can be divided into pure tungsten cubes and tungsten alloy cubes. Pure tungsten cubes are more valuable for collection because of their extremely high purity and hardness.

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Tungsten is a silver-white shiny metal with high hardness and high melting point, and it is not eroded by air at room temperature. The chemical properties of tungsten are relatively stable. The element symbol is W and the atomic number is 74. It is located in the sixth period of the periodic table and belongs to the VIB group.

Metal Cube Specifications

In addition to tungsten cubic, dozens of elements can be made into cubic, such as tantalum, niobium, copper, aluminum, iron and so on. Common specifications are shown in the table.

Common Cube Sizes

1*1*1 inch

10*10*10 mm

16*16*16 mm

20*20*20 mm

50*50*50 mm


The size of the cube can be freely customized, and the surface is usually laser printed with some words or patterns (these can also be customized).

Value of Tungsten Cube

Our cube is made of raw materials with a purity of more than 99.9%, which has a very high collection value. These visible elements will bring you an excellent experience. Metal cubes of the same size have different weights, and metal cubes of the same weight have different sizes. This is the mystery of chemical elements. At the same time, tungsten cubes are also a new type of "cryptocurrency" and an emerging market.

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Post time: Aug-30-2023